Friday, 28 December 2012

Synopsis of The Fixer

A diamond smuggling plane en route to Miami is blown off course by a hurricane, Wrong Way Lenny, and crashes in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. A small team from the smuggling ring sets out for Jamaica with the cryptographic keys needed to open the state-of-the-art digital safes on board the plane. In an "it seemed like a good idea at the time” moment, the team leader gives a Jamaican teenager, Janet Martin, the bag with the keys to carry it through Miami International Airport security, in the hope of avoiding any suspicion.
         After passing through security, Janet is attracted to the desk by an offer for two free tickets to anywhere in the world in exchange for giving up her seat on her overbooked flight. She excitedly accepts the offer, and leaves the airport for a hotel, as a guest of the airline, with the smugglers' bag. The next morning she catches her new flight home, and forgets the bag at the hotel.
It takes the smugglers three months to find Janet. They want their bag, and they desperately want their diamonds.
         Janet is kidnapped from a Jamaican hotel, and her parents are frantic. The Special Investigative Crime Unit, as known as the SIC squad, takes over the investigation, but Mr. and Mrs. Martin suspect something is wrong as the investigation stalls for spurious reasons. They turn to The Fixer for help, because they have nowhere else to go.

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